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Globalization has made our world borderless.
It is very obvious in the whole aspect of life such as social, culture and so on.
There are ties among the nations.
For those who would like getting around Bali with us
This is your chance to get out and surrounding the bali island. A very relaxing way to see the sights
organized tours relieve you of the hassle of trying to navigate your way arround.
On the down side, however, you do have to follow itineraries,

Bali Butterfly Park

The Butterflies are one of the natural riches which can be found in every part and corner of Indonesian archhipelago. Visit Bali Butterfly Park is the opportunity to encounter rare and endemic species from all of that part, The park is natural looking with hundreds and colourfull butterfly are released to flying everyday, and among them are famous species of the world such as Spectacular Bird Wing Butterfly ( Ornithoptera and Troides) Swallow tails and great mormon( Papilio) . Bali Butterfly Park is the olnly centre for breeding and preservation of, and research into butterflies for educational and scientific purpose.

Located in Jl.Batukaru, Br.Sandan lebah, Wanasari vilage, TABANAN Regency, approximately 35 Km.western of Denpasar, or 6 the north from TABANAN centre City. We open daily 08.00 am up to 05.00 pm, last entry 04.00 pm

Our Park are:
- As an Ex-situ conservation institutions (for menangkar outside the habitat of endangered species) and is the last bastion of rescue animals.
- Save endangered species because of habitat destruction.
- Daycare rare animals belong to the state.
- Maintain genetic purity.

- As a means of science and technology education.
- Providing education and knowledge to the public about the importance of nature conservation and the environment through demonstrations and performances of animals.
- instill a love of wildlife and the natural "flora & fauna" from an early age to the students of schools and various societies lainny, through programs pegenalan wildlife & the environment.
- Implement the extension of the conservation of natural resources in a sustainable manner to the public throughout Indonesia.
- Research tools for a variety of disciplines, veterinary medicine, biology, animal husbandry and tourism from various levels of education.
- Means of conservation and research experts of national and international conservation agencies.

- Decent and affordable entertainment for the community and as a healthy recreational and educational for various groups and can reduce the tensions that impact the conflict is everywhere.
- And the role of other functions that are very profitable our country (Indonesia)

Bali Butterfly Park - Tabanan Bali

No Service Option Price USD Price Per
1 Entrance fee (Guarantee only) 15.00 person

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