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Globalization has made our world borderless.
It is very obvious in the whole aspect of life such as social, culture and so on.
There are ties among the nations.
For those who would like getting around Bali with us
This is your chance to get out and surrounding the bali island. A very relaxing way to see the sights
organized tours relieve you of the hassle of trying to navigate your way arround.
On the down side, however, you do have to follow itineraries,

Bali Camel Safari

Camel Safari is as popular as Elephant Safari. Not only elephant, but you can also ride on the back of a camel in Bali. Bali’s Camel Safari, ride on a camel along the sandy beach for about one hour including relax on the way. We provide packages for camel safari + Lunch at the restaurant of Nikko Bali Resort or at seafood restaurant in Jimbaran.

We have trained our animal to adapt to people and the environment. We also choose some of the professional tamers to guide you. All of the animals that we use are become accustomed to serve the guest from the different age. Don’t worry because our animals do not disturb you.

To keep our quality, we always give the priority for the safety and the pleasure of the guests. With more experiences that ever we have done, more than 7500 people have already served by us every years. Although we never find an accident in our place, we always give the insurance for every tourist who wants to enjoy our camel tour. “Enjoy the New Experience”

Safari 1 including 1 hour Camel Safari with Lunch, Parasailling, Banana Boat, and Glass Bottom Boat & Turtle Island.
Safari 2 Including 1 hour Camel Safari Only
Safari 3 Including 1 hour camel safari with lunch or dinner.
Safari 4 Including 30 minute camel safari (include Transfer for more then 2 participant)
Safari 5 Including 1 Hour Camel safari with aroma therapy or Balinese massage or Balinese custom

Camel Safari Photo Wedding including 1 hour Camel Safari photo pre-wedding

Morning Safari : 09.00 am and 10.30 am
Afternoon Safari : 14.00 pm and 15.30 pm

For Camel Safari full activities will be provided morning session

Estimated pick up time
- Sanur ,Kuta ,Seminyak at 8.00 - 8.15 am , 1.00 - 1.15 pm
- Jimbaran ,Nusa Dua at 8.30 - 8.45 am , 1.30 - 1.45 pm

- Adult age at 12 to 70 year old
- Children age at 2 - 11 year old
- Infant age at 1 year old ( free of charge )
- Insurance cover US 25,000 / pax.age from 2 year until 70 year old

RATES VALID UNTIL March 31, 2015
All Tour minimum 2 persons
Hotel Transfer within Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Kuta, Legian, Seminyak & Sanur Area.
For 30 minutes riding with 2 participants arranged pick up service to BTDC & Tanjung Benoa only and for minimum 4 person arranged pick up service to Kuta, Jimbaran, Legian and Sanur.

Please contact us for domestic price

Bali Camel Safari - Nusa Dua Bali

No Service Option Price USD Price Per
1 Safari 1 - One Hour all Include - Children * 850.00 person
2 Safari 1 - One Hour all Include - Adult * 95.00 person
3 Safari 2 One Hour - Adult 39.00 person
4 Safari 2 One Hour - Children ( 2 - 11 y.o ) 22.00 person
5 Safari 3 One Hour plus lunch - Adult 70.00 person
6 Safari 3 One Hour plus lunch - Child 44.00 person
7 Safari 4 - 30 minutes - Adult 20.00 person
8 Safari 4 - 30 minutes - Children 17.00 person
9 Safari 5 - One Hour plus spa - Adult 66.00 person
10 Safari 5 - One Hour plus spa - Children 60.00 person
11 One Hour Photo Wedding 110.00 couple
12 30 Minutes Photo Wedding 60.00 couple

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