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Globalization has made our world borderless.
It is very obvious in the whole aspect of life such as social, culture and so on.
There are ties among the nations.
For those who would like getting around Bali with us
This is your chance to get out and surrounding the bali island. A very relaxing way to see the sights
organized tours relieve you of the hassle of trying to navigate your way arround.
On the down side, however, you do have to follow itineraries,

Museum Puri Lukisan at Ubud, Gianyar, Bali.
In this museum you can enjoy the development of art in Ubud, both painting and sculpture.
Museum Puri Lukisan Collection of Puri Lukisan>

Museum Puri Lukisan

When the high quality of Balinese art became worldly recognized, more and more Balinese artworks disappeared to other parts of Indonesia and foreign countries. Thus, the fear among the Balinese people, and also Rudolf Bonnet (a Dutch painter, 1895-1978), raised that the most precious art would be lost forever and would never come back to its origin. Another need among the artists was to improve their skills without losing their own identity as Balinese artists.

Located in the center of Ubud city. The museum was built by the association of artists. This association later established a foundation in 1930 with the name " Pita Maha" The foundation including artists in Ubud and surrounding, Kamasan, Klungkung and Denpasar. Each area had the coordinator. The pioneer of the association was Mr. Rudolf Bonnet a German artists, Walter Spies a Dutch artist, and two royal family of Ubud, and a local artist I Gusti Nyoman Lempad. The foundation decided to build a permanent exhibition pavilion which was later known as " Puri Lukisan Museum " This association and it's foundation had succeeded in organizing various exhibition in Indonesia and abroad such as Singapore and French. World war II had stopped the activity and can only be re-started again in 1947.

In 1954 the permanent exhibition hall were built on what is now the location of Puri Lukisan Museum. The collection of the museum are mostly the historic style of Bali Painting style. Some works of famous Bali artists and foreign artists living in Bali between 1925 through 1950. Small number of carving arts are also on display. The biggest number of collection is the type of classical Ubud painting and new Ubud painting style. Classical style is the type when Western influence not yet applied.

The collection numbers an amount of paintings and woodcarvings of outstanding quality, which found their origin in the beginning of this century. These art pieces were collected by Rudolf Bonnet during his years as a curator for the museum. Bonnet tried to inspire Balinese art by selecting and promoting the artists. Thanks to his artistic talent Bonnet achieved to create fully inspiration for the Balinese artists, whom results are shown as permanent collection in the Museum Puri Lukisan.

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