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Globalization has made our world borderless.
It is very obvious in the whole aspect of life such as social, culture and so on.
There are ties among the nations.
For those who would like getting around Bali with us
This is your chance to get out and surrounding the bali island. A very relaxing way to see the sights
organized tours relieve you of the hassle of trying to navigate your way arround.
On the down side, however, you do have to follow itineraries,

Craft of stone carving at Batubulan Village
craft of stone carving
Stone Carving at Batubulan Village Craft of Stone Carving
barong dance performance
craft of stone carving
Barong Dance Performance Craft of Stone Carving

Batubulan Village

Batu Bulan is located approximately10 km from Denpasar and 17 km from Gianyar city. Batubulan village bordering the village Celuk and Singapadu have similarities in terms of art, namely the art of dance and sculpture. Based on characteristic on form of its statue Batubulan has its own shape and somewhat extreme if compared with each other. This can be seen clearly in carving carved on the sacred buildings , homes, offices, bridges, hotels, restaurants, and other that you couldn’t find in other place.

The materials used are mostly “paras” stone, resulting from eruption of the volcano and into the sediment. Paras stone are gray and malleable. Sandstone sculptures rarely enthused tourist, but mostly bought by local people for traditional purposes. This also causes high demand from Balinese than tourists. Apart from being display, there were other thing that are not less important, namely as means of religious Hindu community in Bali.

The greatness of local sculptor can be seen in Pura Puseh area where they combines elements of Hindu culture with non Hindu elements. You also can see the statue of Airlangga King of East Java that combines elements of Bali and Java. Temple gate are more inclined to typical of South Indian. However it doesn’t mean artists in here plagiarist who casually plagiarized the work of others. They find something new from borrowed some books from the central of Archeology.

This temple is upheld by the local community as a form of homage to the God/ Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa that preserve and maintain their viability . Inside the temple area, kept a sacred Barong mask. The local people believe and often hear the voices and movement of the Barong storage although some people do not dance on that time.

Since 1936, Barong dance performed continuous until outbreak of the war independence , no dances performances at all. At present these dance are often performed except during the Nyepi day.

Batubulan Village is strategically located in the center of Bali Map so some of tour arrangements insert it into their program like Ubud Village Tour, Kintamani Tours, Besakih Temple Tour, Ubud Rafting Tour, Ubud Elephant Ride Tour etc.

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